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Pilot your rocket, avoid obstacles and explore the universe to space frontier!  Expand your hangar, discover new planets and improve their levels.

Pay attention!
An endless universe full of obstacles and enemy ships awaits you. Only the best one can do all the challenges and get to the top of the leaderboard!

Collect gold stars during the game, which will make your game easier!

Find new planets during the game and create a collection from your travels! As a bonus, you can develop the level of each planet found and gain valuable experience. There are up to 9 unique planets in the collection!

In Up To Space! Beyond The Space Frontier  you can looking forward to:
★ Infinite Universe
★ Many obstacles
★ Simple one finger control
★ Extensive range of spaceships
★ Discover new planets and colonize them
★ Developing their levels
★ PowerUp Booster Research
★ Materializer - Provides a supply of rare ores (Aurus and Antimon) and a component to build unique ships
★ Your abilities are tested by challenge system
★ Global results charts
★ Level system
★ Experience: - For each game based on score points
                          - As a reward for the activity of the planets
★ Rank based on level
★ The game is accompanied by a soothing soundtrack
★ Sophisticated sound system
★ No annoying ads! ★

What waiting for you in the lab?
★ XP Multiplier - multiplies your XP gain points by level of enhancement
★ Coin Multiplier - multiplies your gold star gain by level of improvement
★ homing missile - homing missiles will destroy all enemy ships with one click!
★ Warp start - moves your ship to a random start position!
★ Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Artificial Intelligence Systems can fix your ship in the game!

What is a Materializer?
It is an anomaly in space-time. At each energy pulse it materializes the following rewards:
★ 5x; 10x; 15x gold star
★ 1x Antimony
★ 1x Aurus
★ 1x Artificial Intelligence
★ 1x Homing missile
★ 1x Warp Start
★ Some part of the ship
★ JACKPOT - 1000x gold star; 15x Antimon; 20x Aurus;

You can compare your results globally with other players. You can also share them with your friends using the SHARE button in the menu.

Up into the cockpit pilot! Play Up To Space! Beyond The Space Frontier Today!

Ships: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/rocket-icons-set_2874322.htm

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